General housing

Are you in need of free legal resources regarding topics such as reentry, parent mediation, fair housing, consumer group, and general housing? These videos provided by the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands may help. Videos include English, Spanish and Arabic translations and links to more resources. Learn more.


Reentering society after incarceration can be challenging for some. This series provides resources for those experiencing barriers because of their criminal record.

Parent mediation

From property division to child visitation, videos in this series will detail how mediation can aid in the process of divorce.

Fair housing

Regardless of religion, gender, or other factors, everyone is deserving of fair housing. Videos in this series will explain fair housing laws and how to proceed when experiencing discrimination.

Consumer group blurb

Have you been sued for owing past debt or are bill collectors reaching out to you for unpaid bills? Issues like debt collection or being sued by a company fall under consumer issues. In this video series we will explain how you can legally navigate issues like debt and bill collectors.

General housing

Do you know what your rights are as a renter? Videos in this series will explore your rights as a renter and important information you need to know about the eviction process.